I'm Natural. Not Plastic.

The ComPlast Bag


Bio-based | Bio-degradable

Our ComPlast bag is totally ecologically sustainable and therefore a natural plastic bag alternative.

100% Bio-degradable

ComPlast bags biodegrade 85% within 90 days in controlled composting environment testing.

Our Testing

100% Natural Organic Matter

Our ComPlast bag is manufactured from 100% natural organic matter

(root starch, vegetable oil and vegetable polymer)

ComPlast Bag

Looking for a plastic bag alternative? Our ComPlast bag is the solution you need for your business. Have a question or want to know more?

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End of Life

End of Life

Looking for a garbage bin liner alternative?

Our ComPlast Tee Shirt bags are a great biodegradable bin liners alternatives. We have medium and X-Large sizes, natural colour and no logo, in stock now!

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Returns naturally into biomass

During the biodegradation process the ComPlast bag returns naturally into Biomass, CO2 and H2O

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