Coughing up for carriers: Where does your plastic bag money go?

No surprises here: most people will stop using single-use plastic bags if they have to pay for them.

We so begrudge handing over that 10 extra cents, The Warehouse managed dropped the number of bags it issues by 67 per cent since it started charging in 2009.

Of course, many other shops in New Zealand still give out bags for free, while some have announced plans to ban them altogether.

But when you do end up forking out for a bag, do you know what happens to that money? And does it make any difference to you as a shopper?

The Warehouse invests its 10 cents per bag in community projects local to stores - from Garden to Table projects in primary schools to "zoofari" programmes helping children from low decile schools visit Auckland and Wellington zoos to learn about the environment and conservation. 

More than $3.8 million has been raised through The Warehouse's Bags for Good initiative since 2009, according to the retailer.

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Last updated 05:00, December 2 2017

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