Which plastic item would you like to biff? From Ideas at TED.com

Which plastic item would you get rid of?... From Ideas.TED.com

"While doing away with single-use, non-recyclable items is a step in the right direction, we should replace all petroleum-based plastics. This means inventing bioplastics and other materials that don’t persist for decades or degrade into harmful substances. I’ve seen plastics of all kinds polluting the most remote waters and beaches in the world. We need a “Manhattan Project” for plastics: an initiative that drives people to invent similar materials that aren’t harmful to life in the ocean. If we’re smart enough as a species to put a lander on Mars, why can’t we invent good replacements for plastic?"

— David Gruber (TED talk: Glow-in-the-dark sharks and other stunning sea creatures)

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