What are ComPlast Products made from?

Made entirely from natural ingredients

ComPlast’s products are made from a fully biodegradable starch-based resin made entirely from natural ingredients – a revolutionary non-petroleum material that uses no petroleum in its manufacture and breaks down to harmless biomass, CO₂, H₂O when placed in water or composted. The base plant material is cassava which we source from individual farmers in and around Java. We are not depleting finite natural resources, like petroleum, rather we work with cottage industry farmers who sell their cassava to a cooperative whom produces the cassava starch, and in turn sells that to our manufacturer. Cassava is a plant with amazing regenerative properties. In fact, if you chop a cassava stick in four after removing the roots, and replanting these sticks back into the ground, you get four new plants. As no irrigation, fertilizer or sprays are needed, this is a very sustainable option.

During biodegradation, it is non-toxic. From this amazing material, we make bags that work for any task that currently uses plastic – including rubbish bags, kitchen tidy bags, carrier bags and pet waste bags.

Did you know?...

To demonstrate rapid biodegradation you can stir it into a boiling jug of water it disappears within seconds.