Our ComPlast Team

About our ComPlast Team

Complast is a small Kiwi-owned company led by Chris and Lesa Heaton. Our aim, is to make a significant contribution to advancing the zero waste, circular economy initiatives being championed by governments and organisations around the world to help stop pollution in our oceans and to reduce waste in our landfills.

Chris and I care passionately about our environment and we have brought our children up to feel the same way – we all want to leave the earth in better shape than when we arrived. Living and travelling abroad, around the world and principally in Indonesia, we became aware of the visible effects of plastic pollution and when studying through Massey University, I became interested in learning more about the effects of plastic pollution not only here in New Zealand but overseas, finding out how all our actions and responsibilities, as countries and individuals, are interlinked.

Even though New Zealand is small in world terms, we still need to act conscientiously when dealing with our waste as it affects not only us but those further afield. Just as refuse dumped in the oceans is ending up on New Zealand’s sea and shorelines so everything we dispose of unthinkingly also has an effect, even though it may be on the other side of the planet. Pollution of all kinds is a global problem and we need global solutions – starting at ‘grass roots’ level with the choices we make every day.

We believe every one of us has a part to play in maintaining a healthy planet, by reducing our waste we can all make a positive change, and by changing our behaviours and choosing to buy products less harmful to the environment we ensure future generations have a place they can enjoy. As New Zealanders we should try our best to act responsibly and lead by example when dealing with our waste.

As suppliers to various industries and end users we also play our part by being transparent, seeking alternative, sustainable, ecological solutions. ComPlast measures up to these ideals and we hope you will continue supporting us as we work with the producers to refine and develop our product offering a viable alternative to plastic.


Why did we start ComPlast?

Our interest in finding ways to manage plastic use more responsibly led us to seek out a natural alternative to plastic. Following extensive research, we eventually found a manufacturer who was producing a product that would be a meaningful step toward zero waste. 

With our shared vision, combined years of business experience and language skills we have built a long-term relationship with our selected Indonesian manufacturer and all of us are confident that we are bringing a great product to the market that meets our stated goal of producing a material that is gentler on the earth.

We are proud to be part of New Zealand’s growing corporate sector, leading the way in ethical and sustainable environmental business practice. We want to contribute to future generations being able to enjoy an unspoiled environment here in New Zealand and beyond.