End of Life

The ComPlast Bag needs no end of life processing as it degrades naturally back to Biomass, CO₂, &  H₂O in compost systems or landfills via macro and microorganisms. 

In any form of composting environment for example; a home composting system, commercial composting facility, landfill or discarded in the environment (land or water), the ComPlast product acts in a similar way to decomposing food scraps.

You can dispose of your ComPlast bag in landfill, in home composting systems, and in any environment where aerobic composting can take place. Over time our bags also dissolve in water leaving no trace of microplastic. 

Regardless of the "End of Life" option used, the ComPlast Bag impacts the environment in the least damaging way, due to the return of nutrients to the soil or water. This is completely the opposite to a petroleum based plastic bag which is significantly impacting the environment and our food and water source because of the micro-plastic it produces.