Plastic Bag Types


The ComPlast product is a bio-based polymer compound, manufactured from renewable natural materials, primarily cassava root starch, vegetable oil, and vegetable polymers. Therefore biodegradable and bio-based, breaking down naturally.

Petroleum based plastic bags are designed not to degrade. This means they remain in landfills for many years (up to hundreds of years according to some reports) slowly breaking down into micro-plastic particles that contaminate the soil and waterways, ultimately entering our food and water sources. The implications of this are well documented with plastic pollution one of the biggest environmental issues of today.

Most biodegradable plastic bags are either entirely or partially produced from petroleum based plastic, often having additional chemicals or low levels of natural products added to assist the breakdown of the plastic. This breakdown into micro-plastic particles is even quicker than a standard plastic bag, therefore meeting composting standards, however it may be worse for the environment because of rapid micro-plastic production.

ComPlast is truly bio-based and biodegradable, a pioneering natural alternative.