Why ComPlast?


ComPlast bags are made primarily from cassava root, a natural organic starch. They are biodegradable under aerobic composting conditions, and they do not leave any chemical trace elements behind following degradation in the soil, rivers, sea or air. They produce no harmful, long lasting micro plastic particles. 

ComPlast bags are an environmentally sustainable solution to the current petroleum based plastic bag problem the world is facing, which is that they produce micro-plastic that enters into the ecosystem. When ComPlast bags are combined with the use of reusable BYO shopping bags, you have a sustainable and convenient solution that will satisfy all of your Customers.

ComPlast Bag Facts: 

      • Made from cassava root - which is an all natural starch - vegetable oil and vegetable based polymer, and tested to be 99.5% organic matter.
      • Decomposes back to nature with bio-degradation tested at a rate of 100% in 180 days in controlled composting and 84% in 84 days in controlled composting.
      • Dissolves in the sea and rivers, tested at a rate of 81% within 133 days in sea water and 90% within 141 days in river water.
      • Non-toxic - passing all plant toxicity tests. (Tests EN13432 and OECD 423)
      • Produces no harmful or long lasting micro-plastic particles as there are NO petroleum, chemicals or added minerals causing micro-plastic formation during degradation. 

ComPlast Bags - 100% natural plastic alternative