Why ComPlast?


ComPlast bags are made primarily from cassava root, a natural organic starch, vegetable polymers and natural resin. 

When ComPlast bags are combined with the use of reusable BYO shopping bags, you have a sustainable and convenient solution that will satisfy all of your Customers.

ComPlast Bag Facts: 

      • Made from cassava root - which is an all natural starch - vegetable oil and vegetable based polymer, and tested to be 99.5% organic matter, Belgium. 50-85% NZ Scion. 
      • Decomposes back to nature with bio-degradation tested at a rate of 91.5% in 241 days. 
      • Dissolves in boiling water within minutes.
      • Non-toxic - passing plant and rat toxicity tests. (Tests EN13432 and OECD 423)